Hooked on Bass

Hooked on Bass Pty Ltd, was founded in 2012 by the owner, Steven Gebhardt who have a desire to offer the highest quality outdoor licensed products available to the South African market.

Hooked on Bass Pty Ltd is a wholesaler and the agent for Browning Eyewear and Accessories, Vicious Fishing Line, Vicious Fishing lure’s, Hydrowave, Browning Fishing, Black Cat Fishing, Radical Carp Fishing, Rhino Fishing, Muddy Water Camo.

Our product range consists of over 2600 products, and consist of Bass Fishing Lure’s, Bass Fishing Rods, Barble fishing, Tiger fish fishing, Specimen Carp Fishing, Feeder Carp Fishing, fishing electronics and polarized sport sun glasses where we sell the Browning M Pact Carl Zeiss polarized sun glasses.

Please feel free to visit our website: www.hookedonbass.co.za and our Facebook page: Hooked on Bass, and our YouTube: Hooked on Bass Channel.

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