RDW Penalties

Hi Anglers


As most of you are aware we had a few rule breakers in our midst during the Rust de Winter competition and we wanted to let everyone know what had happened and play open cards with all the anglers:


Complaint from: Team Quantum Strike King (Shandon & Izak)

            Witnessed By: Kobus Retief & Mark Tantum

            Complaint: Planing in a no wake Zone against 2 Teams namely

                                                            Team Merc Carriers

                                                            Team Mc crystal VC

Verdict:           Team Merc Carriers admitted fault ( 1 Point Penalty)

                        Team Mc Crystal VC admitted fault ( 1 Point Penalty)



Complaint from : Team Merc carrier & Bark Unlimited to Allan Baker on the water

            Witnessed By : Allan Baker

            Complaint : Driving with main motor without life jacket against Team WOF Bass.co.za

            Verdict : Found guilty (1 Point Penalty)


Complaint from : Weigh Master ( Kevin and Tyron)

Complaint : Removing boat and returning boat without live well inspection and then travelling without life jacket                            

Verdict: Found guilty (1 Point Penalty)


Unfortunately this happens and as you can see anyone who transgresses will be penalized (even the President ).

We had a very long and unpleasant experience regarding the violations so we have implemented a new way for you to make your complaints and they will be finalized on the day in question as follows:

  • Complaint forms will be available at every tournament at the weigh station.
  • They need to fill in and witnessed the form before the prize giving starts.
  • The form needs to be given to the weigh master and he must be made aware of the complaint, it is your responsibility to make sure he is aware of your complaint. If the prize giving starts and you have not been called to attend a hearing then the complaint has not been received and will be null and void. So please shout out and stop the prize giving and inform the speaker thereof.
  • Once received all the parties must attend the hearing at the water’s edge and present their cases to the committee in an orderly fashion.
  • The outcome will be decided and penalties/ disqualifications will be given before the prize giving by the committee.


All the above penalties have been issued and are live on the scoreboard. If there are any queries regarding the above please drop us and email at info@ebass.co.za

In addition we have allocated penalties for each rule that requires a penalty so as to eradicate any query as to ones penalty for a transgression, please check the rules (The penalties will be in Red)





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